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Combined, however, these eight songs show that Lamar’s touch is golden and his vision for hip-hop holistic and honest.READ: by Dexter Palmer Set in a recognizable future, Palmer’s work explores the impact of technology on our relationships and collective memories.When she took a solo, mid-set, on the 1957 Coltrane tune “Moment’s Notice,” she started slow, mapping out the quick-shifting chords with a comfortable walking bass line high up the neck.Suddenly she was leaning over the instrument, her left hand darting down toward the sound holes, the index and middle fingers of her right hand blurring as she plucked out a furious barrage of sixteenth notes; then she returned to the neck, her head thrown back, eyes closed, as she produced bursts of booming fragmented notes that drew smiles from Tyner at the piano and gasps from the crowd.That year, the 26-year-old Spalding, a Berklee College of Music-trained jazz bassist and singer, beat out Justin Bieber, Drake, Mumford & Sons and Florence and the Machine to win Best New Artist, one of the Recording Academy’s highest profile prizes. Spalding’s crossover appeal has always been apparent.She is charismatic, stylish and — it should go without saying — prodigiously talented.The very nature of her talent is exceptional.” That same year’s release, that featured Yo Yo Ma, Spalding pursued study of her first instrument, the violin, at a time when most children her age were just learning to read.

Her husband, meanwhile, labors on a causality violation device—a type of time machine.Co-produced by Spalding and Tony Visconti (David Bowie), the album is an electrifying take on the power trio, and is adorned with rich vocal arrangements and touches of synthesizer.As mentions in their 2012 post-Best New Artist Grammy profile, Spalding "has made her mark not just as a virtuoso jazz bassist or an effortlessly nimble singer but as an exotic hybrid of the two.On “Emily’s D Evolution,” pop-worthy hooks flash by amid a ferocious swell of sonic signifiers: prog rock, Joni Mitchell, funk.The Emily of “Emily’s D Evolution” is something akin to an alter-ego for Spalding.

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