Updating cod4 pc 1 7

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This intense, adrenaline-fuelled action game can also be played online with friends and people from all over the world.

In the multiplayer mode you play as either the terrorists or the SAS/Army, and it is this multiplayer function that has made Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare one of the most popular first-person shooter games ever.

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Fixed a bug where the MP icons (Bomb, Defend, Capture, etc) were always showing up as English regardless of the install language.

Aspyr Media has announced the release of a free patch for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for Mac.

This patch will update any retail version of the game to version 1.7,” says Aspyr Media. - Fixed an exploit that allowed players to access certain console dvars during multi-player matches.Call of Duty 4 is best known for its community-oriented multiplayer gameplay, which features a robust leveling system, a variety of unlockable perks, hot-join and matchmaking, as well as the ability to create a class and party.Developed by renowned game maker Infinity Ward, the first-person shooter includes a fan favorite feature created in Call of Duty 2, called “Kill-Cam,” and allowing instant replays in spectator mode.Press the tilde key (~) to open the console, and then enter seta thereisacow "1337". If you want to use them for a new game, start and save it and then exit and resume the game.In Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare players play as either the British SAS or the US armed forces as they face a tide of terrorist activity on home and foreign soil, with locations such as England, Russia and the Middle East.

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